About us

We're a married couple who have been making our travel dreams a reality by budgeting and taking the leap into the unknown whenever we have the opportunity. Our philosophy revolves around finding fun in making tuna casseroles at home because we know that the savings will lead us to feasting on fresh-caught fish in the South Pacific - sooner rather than later. For the past several years, we've both been working full-time jobs that have given us plenty of vacation time. Our current goal is to increase the travel to work ratio even more.

In the photo we're posing with YoYo, the bartender on our freighter cruise in the South Pacific. We love Yo-Yo's philosophy - no shirt, no shoes - no problem. We hope that you will follow us on our journeys around the globe where we'll share our secret tips to living life with plenty of adventures and no problem. 

The bar on the Aranui freighter