Save money by making tropical breakfast at home

Breakfast at the Bananarama

Huevos Rancheros with Honduran Pico de Gallo

This amazingly delicious breakfast was included at the Bananarama Dive Resort in Roatan, Honduras, but you can copy it at home and save a lot of money towards your tropical vacation. A similar breakfast out could easily cost $20 dollars in New York City, but you can copy it at home for under a $1 a serving. Just fry up a couple of eggs and add some Pico de Gallo or any salsa you choose. Seasonal fruits round off a wholesome inexpensive dish that will bring you one step closer to your dream island. We've found that thinking about future adventures makes saving money toward that goal a game rather than a chore.

We were able to keep expenses down in Roatan by taking advantage of their off-season dive special. Our room was only $35 a night for both of us and included daily breakfasts as part of their 10-dive package (dives were about $40 each - a real bargain in themselves!)

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