Living the Italian ski life alpine style

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The area has been blessed with abundant snow this season.

The Alpen Hotel Corona in Vigo di Fassa is the perfect place for a dream ski vacation. After a few days here, it becomes a second home. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful and we feel as if we've been immersed in a fantasy ski experience. If Disney could design a ski ride and village in the Italian Alps, this would be it. This part of Italy used to belong to the Austrian Hungarian empire and the Germanic influences are very strong still. The native language of the area is Ladin, a Romance language that bears some connections to Romansch, the little spoken fourth official language of Switzerland. Everyone speaks Italian now, but there was a time when German speakers were the majority. In fact, some of Italy's famous ski racers in the 1970s had to be interviewed for Italian TV in German.


A cozy alpine feeling is evident throughout the hotel.

Alpen Hotel Corona
Alpen Corona Hotel

The food is Tyrolean mixed with Italian. The hotel dinners are complete 4-course meals and include delicious pastas such as truffle-filled ravioli and linguini with wild boar sauce. Dinner is always followed by fancy desserts such as apple strudel with gelato and Viennese sacher torte.

Pasta with truffle sauce

Pork chops and other meats are specialties of the area.

Each ski week features a lavish dessert table.

Teatime is everyday from 3:30 to 5:30 and features a choice of hot teas accompanied by a huge slice of freshly baked cake. It's just the thing for warming up after a day on the slopes.

Tea time

We also look forward to a dip in the hotel pool apres ski and most guests have been taking advantage of the free

spa services. For no extra charge, tired muscles can be soothed in the hydro-massage jets in the pool. Achy knees can benefit from the cedar-planked sauna and the whole psyche can be rejuvenated in the aroma-therapy infused steam room or the soothing blue tiled tepidarium that would be the envy of any Roman emperor or empress.

The swimming pool and saunas soothe tired muscles.


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