South Pacific paradise

The Intercontinental Hotel in Papeete, Tahiti 

Sunset in Tahiti 

Bora Bora

Of all the places we’ve visited, nowhere else has elicited the same response from so many different people as Tahiti and Bora Bora. Most of our friends said “that is my dream trip” when we returned from a freighter adventure a couple of years ago. We found that French Polynesia really does live up to the hype so we’ve returned for another visit. With careful planning, you can copy this trip and live out your own South Pacific fantasy.

Step one was finding the lowest possible airfare. By checking the Hopper app for a couple of weeks we were able to grab a Delta/Air France flight that popped up one day and was $600 cheaper than the American Airlines/Air Tahiti Nui flight we had taken previously.

Both flight combinations connect through Los Angeles and offer similar service, so just go for whichever turns out to be cheaper. We booked a 7 day cruise on a 12 passenger catamaran through 

Dream Yacht Charter and we were able to save $400 by booking early. We arrived in Tahiti two days before we had to meet our boat on the island of Raiatea so we decided to splurge with a recovery stay at the pricey Intercontinental. The luxurious resort is a great preview for a Polynesian vacation as it pretty much lives up to the South Seas dream. The grounds are lush, the staff is very gracious and the view of the island of Moorea across the bay is spectacular.

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