Right off the boat optional excursions in French Polynesia

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A picnic and two-hour stay on this private island (motu) in Bora Bora was memorable. 

A vanilla farm owner on Raiatea showed us how much hands-on care goes into growing the Tahitian delicacy.

The Taputapuatea marae is a religious center in Raiatea that is honored by Polynesians throughout the islands.

The marae is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We were introduced to sacred eels in Huahine. They are revered in French Polynesia.

This pearl farm off the coast of Raiatea produces lustrous black Tahitian pearls.

A pearl “surgeon” demonstrated the pearl implantation process.

The black Tahitian pearls are iridescent.

In addition to all the water activities offered each day, Dream Yacht Charter passengers were offered an optional set of five land excursions and almost every one purchased the extra package. We were happy to have chosen the extras because they offered fascinating cultural experiences. To learn more about Tahitian black pearl farming see: Champon Pearl Farm.

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