Huahine - off the beaten path in French Polynesia

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

One of our favorite land stops on our Dream Yacht Charter trip was at Huahine, an island that we had never heard of before. Apparently, we weren't the only ignorant ones, as the island is still a hidden paradise. Our first stop was for snorkeling at a coral garden just off shore. The coral was in pristine condition and we were overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of fish. After spending a night anchored just off shore, we transferred to small safari-type vehicles to explore the island with a native guide.


Huahine is a pristine paradise.


Huahine is actually two islands connected by a tiny bridge. Our guide told us that the separate islands are said to have resulted when the god Hiro fell asleep while paddling towards the island. His royal canoe sailed into Huahine dividing one island into the two islands we see today. The French Polynesians have wonderful tales to explain nature, which they revere and vow to preserve. On Huahine, we also saw the sacred eels being fed, saw ancient fish traps being used, visited a top rate anthropological museum and visited a pearl farm.

Eels are considered sacred on Huahine and are fed rather than ever eaten. It is thought that the presence of river eels means that the water is clean.

The museum offers first-rate exhibits about life on Huahine before and after European colonization.

A free boat transfers visitors to the pearl farm.

The Huahine Pearl Farm is remote, but well worth the journey. Staff explained how Tahitian black pearls are cultured and they offer bargains as well as luxury pearls.

Huahine Pearl Farm

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