Crossing over to Corsica

The view from the Stairs of Aragon is worth the physical challenge.

Before this trip, our knowledge of Corsica was limited to knowing that it was a beautiful Mediterranean island and Napoleon’s birthplace. Learning that we could cross over from Sardinia in less than an hour made us want to see the medieval city of Bonifacio that some Italian friends had visited and raved about. Leaving from the Sardinian town of Santa Teresa Gallura on a 10 a.m. ferry, we were seated at a port side restaurant by lunchtime, sipping French wine and eating moules mariniere (steamed mussels). The city is unmistakably French in every way. Even though it is so close to Italy, we have rarely heard Italian spoken in our three days here and the cuisine is unmistakably French. Our three-day stay at the Hotel Roy d’Aragon right at the port is one that we would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in history a little off the beaten track in a very comfortable style. The medieval city is full of winding streets with charming restaurants and shops. You can climb along the ramparts and conquer the challenge of descending and then climbing the steep 190 steps of the Stairs of Aragon. They were said to have been built in one night by a Spanish army intent on conquering the resolute Corsicans who repelled them.The physical challenge is well worth the effort as the views are truly breathtaking and the cost is only 2.50 euros.

The ferry crosses the strait between Sardinia and Corsica several times a day.

The medieval city of Bonifacio is perched on seemingly unscaleable cliffs.

People can be seen swimming and sun bathing around the rocks below the castle entrance.

Bonifacio’s harbor is full of yachts.

Mussels and other seafood are popular menu items.

The 190 steps of the Stairs of Aragon can be descended for a seaside walk.

The steps are steep and challenging.

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