Stay in Sardinia for Jersey Shore prices!

The Hotel Costa Paradiso features colors reminiscent of the American Southwest.

The 10-minute walk to the local beach was spectacular.

The hotel has a large saltwater pool.

The terrain reminded us of Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World.

An extensive selection of delicious breakfast foods is included in the price.

The view from our terrace

Pizza was a popular lunch or dinner choice at only 7 euros.

Li Cossi was our local beach and there was no charge.

We found that the public areas were almost always empty.

The stairs next to the hotel pool lead to this cove.

Corsica can be seen in the distance.

It may not sound believable, but you can really travel to Sardinia next spring or early fall and spend as much as you would have spent for a week at the Jersey Shore. The Shore is an amazing destination, but wouldn’t you like to venture off the beaten path and swim in the same waters that the world’s celebrities have been cavorting in for years? It’s possible to jump into those blue-green waters of Sardinia’s Costa Paradiso or Costa Esmeralda if you plan ahead and are open to new adventures you might not have realized were within your realm of possibilities. We discovered Sardinia several years ago and are always surprised to find new unspoiled beaches.

Your first objective should be to book an economical flight. When we bought our Delta flight tickets more than 6 months ago, the round trip fare from New York to Rome was less than $500. People who procrastinated spent more than $3,000 dollars for their economy seats right next to us on a very comfortable flight operated for Delta by Alitalia and which featured free wine and beer and a large selection of inflight entertainment. We flew from Rome to the city of Olbia and drove approximately 50 miles to the Hotel Costa Paradiso on the northeastern coast of Sardinia. The area is known for turquoise and emerald green waters and intriguing rock formations that make you feel like you are inside the Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction at Disney World. The hotel staff was extremely friendly and will make English speakers feel at home.

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