Gateway to Corsica

You can cross the strait from Sardinia to Corsica at Santa Teresa Gallura. The city is more a resort town than you would imagine a port city could ever be. The town beach, Rena Bianca, is beautiful. With sparkling clear water and soft sand, it far exceeded our expectations. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Corallaro for one night and found that its beachside location and excellent service were perfect. We arrived at 10 a.m. expecting to leave our suitcases until 3 p.m. check in, but we were happily surprised to be shown our room immediately. The hotel is decorated in a tasteful seaside motif and offers delicious seafood as well as the expected Italian favorites. You can walk up the hill to the old town center for even more meal choices. An added hotel service is a daily beach van that takes guests to other breathtaking beaches. 

Rena Bianca beach is known for its white sand.

The pathway next to the beach winds its way through an enchanted rock forest.

Free inflatables make Rena Bianca a popular choice for families.

The beachside walk is as much fun as the beach.

The Grand Hotel Corallaro has an inviting pool area.

The hotel’s bar and common areas feature a pretty seaside motif.

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