Boating in Bonifacio without your own yacht

Yachts fill the Bonifacio harbor, but there are more affordable ways to explore the sea.

This mega yacht was a crowd favorite for selfies.

The Stairs of Aragon can be seen clearly from a boat.

Day trippers can spend a day exploring the natural beaches of the protected Lavezzi Islands.

It’s not hard to find your own cove.

This day tripper is happy to have arrived in paradise even without a yacht.

The lighthouse with a protective Madonna greets visitors arriving in Bonifacio from the sea.

This massive cavern has an opening that looks like a map of Corsica.

Tourists are enthralled by Corsica’s caverns that can only be reached by boat.

You can journey inside the caverns by boat.

The cliffside Corsican city of Bonifacio is impressive when seen from the water and several of its attractions can only be reached by boat. The charming port is lined with yachts since this is a popular watering hole for the rich and famous who stop to drink and dine at the many waterfront restaurants. Luckily there are ways to enjoy the sea here even if your pockets aren’t lined with gold. Many boat operators offer trips ranging from an hour tour to all-day dining extravaganzas featuring swim stops and lobster dinners. The inexpensive hour trip (15 euros) is a perfect introduction to the water delights of this charming French city so we hopped on board one of the small tourist boats as soon as we had checked into the Hotel Roy d’Aragon.

Another popular boating choice is an all-day trip to the Lavezzi Islands, a national park that offers a completely natural beach escape. The  boats take you to the main island starting at 10 a.m. and you can pick from several times for your return. If you pack a lunch and bring plenty of water, you can spend an entire day wandering around idyllic coves of clear blue-green water for less than 30 euros. You will feel like a billionaire when you take a dip in your own private cove for the day.

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