10 Reasons to Book a Yacht Cabin

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

If yachting in the Mediterranean is one of your pipe dreams, we're here to say that it is a dream you can make happen. We just took our second trip with Dream Yacht Charter, a company that has boats around the world. They offer yachts for sale, with crews to charter, bareback for you to captain on your own and by the cabin trips. We chose the last alternative and love the luxury and sense of adventure offered for an affordable price. Although cruise vacations on huge ocean liners can be fun, booking a cabin on a 14-person catamaran is a more adventuresome alternative with its own perks.

Number 1 - Access to hidden bays


We saw this cove with its electric blue water along with many more like it during our 8-day, 7-night Corsican Dream South sailing trip. It is a special treat to be accompanied by only 10 other passengers and two crew members on a 62-foot luxury catamaran. During the week we over-nighted at secluded coves and at the yacht harbor in Bonifacio. Every day there were stops to swim, snorkel, paddleboard and kayak. The day started with a continental breakfast at 9 a.m. and water activities either before or after lunch. Sometimes we swam twice a day, but the water stops were directed in large part by weather conditions, sometimes limiting where the catamaran could stop.

Number 2 - No crowds at the dining table

Unlike cruise ships, which also offer delicious meals, we were happy to walk through the galley and see our expert chef whip up our lunches and dinner. This lunch of cold gazpacho with a croque monsieur and salad really fit the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle. There was never a line for anything and the sense of intimacy made us feel special.

Number 3 - Try water sports in perfect azure water

Kayaks and paddleboards were available for no extra charge along with snorkel sets.

The Lavessi Islands are a regular stop on the Dream Yacht trip. An unbelievable two-

thirds of Corsica is national parks.

Number 4 - Eat wholesome gourmet meals

Stuffed squash, quinoa and quiche were delicious and nutritious.

Number 5 - Enjoy scrumptious desserts

Creme brulee ice cream blended well with chocolate ice cream and fresh whipped cream. We got to pick our own combinations.

Number 6 - Drink French wine

Rose, red and white wines were available at lunch and dinner for no additional charge.

Number 7 - See beautiful sunsets

Each evening offered sunsets more spectacular than the one before.

Number 8 - Swim without crowds

When the captain opened the "pool", even cool water couldn't keep some of the passengers on board.

Number 9 - Make friends because of close quarters

By the end of the one-week trip, we had made new friends and overcome the challenge of using our limited French to communicate with the six passengers who didn't speak English. We found that being thrown into such a small group of passengers was a "sink or swim" proposition. Either you become friends or you feel like walking the plank. Luckily, we have met only super-pleasant people on the trips we have taken with Dream Yacht Charter.

Number 10 - Live a billionaire's life

We had the privilege of spending a night in the very exclusive yacht harbor of Bonifacio. Just leaving the gangplank of our "own" yacht and walking along the pier gave us a taste of a billionaire's lifestyle.

Bonifacio is a yacht-owner's paradise with its trendy shops and open-air seafood restaurants.