Segesta's Greek and Roman remains

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Legend says that the ancient city of Segesta was settled on Mount Barbaro in Western Sicily by the Elimi people, the survivors who fled Troy when it was conquered by the Greeks. On the same site, the Greeks built a a temple that is almost completely intact today. The Romans later built a theater just up the mountainside. Today a visit to the archaeological complex is simplified by bus service for the half-mile trip up from the temple to the theater. The inexpensive shuttle is very welcome on hot sunny days. The theater dates to the 3rd Century BC when Rome ruled the area. It is still used today during the summer festival season when plays by Shakespeare as well as the Greek and Roman dramatists are performed.


The Roman theater is still a thriving venue.

The Doric temple is very well preserved.

The temple which was meant to impress enemies with its grandeur is unfinished. It is thought that the builders were interrupted by warfare.

The archaeological park in Segesta offers several hiking trails that lead to the remains of Greek, Roman, Muslim and early Christian settlements.

This old photo shows how unrestricted the park was in bygone days.

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