Swim with pilot whales, dolphins and mantas in Hawaii

If you’ve ever wanted to jump off the side of a real Navy Seals hi-speed boat into 1500 feet of deep blue Pacific Ocean, then the Wild Hawaii Ocean Adventures Offshore Blue Water Adventure tour we just took in Kona is for you. We made several stops very close to the marine animals and our group of three swam within feet of a pod of pilot whales, a pod of spinner dolphins and five manta rays. The experience really has a once-in-a-lifetime feel to it. Those moments right before slipping into the ocean are exciting no matter how many times you’ve snorkeled in the ocean. The 11-meter boat is capable of high speeds, quick turns and can stop on a dime. Passengers are comfortable but stand for the whole ride. We were happy not to see gigantic oceanic whitetip sharks that are often spotted and swum with. Our creatures were much more charming.

Manta Rays

Pilot Whales

Snorkelers get ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.

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